intellectual property
how it influenced history

If we assume that the word is the result of intellectual activity, then hardly anyone will argue about the role of the achievements of mental labor as the driving force of history.

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History Influence

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What is
Intellectual Property

What is meant by the legal term “intellectual property”? This concept should be perceived as a set of rights of the author and other rightholders, allowing to dispose of these very intangible objects, to prohibit and permit their use by third parties who have such intentions.

an excursion into history

Types of intellectual property

Regarding the list of species underneath. IP category, the decision was taken in the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), adopted in Stockholm on July 14, 1967.

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Objects of
intellectual property rights


Utility models

Industrial designs

Who's got rights

Intellectual property rights

The right to have exclusive opportunities for the use of IP, as well as personal moral rights of authors to the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization, can be obtained only through legislative consolidation.

Help to establish a monopoly

Professional patent attorneys with extensive experience in their field of activity are ready to provide assistance in establishing a monopoly of authors on certain forms of using the results of their intellectual and creative activities, as well as in regulating relations with third parties wishing to obtain the right to use IP.

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Other Objects of IP rights

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documents confirming
the legality of IP rights

protect your IP

possible forms of protection

1. Jurisdictional, which is carried out by specially authorized state. organs.

2. Non-jurisdictional, consisting in influencing the violator by means of appropriate notifications and negotiation.

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Intellectual property protection

Patent Lawyers

Well-trained patent lawyers will help ensure the maximum effectiveness of legal intellectual property rights, guaranteeing qualified support at all stages of the relevant activity. If necessary, the following methods of fighting for the exclusive use of IP will be used:


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